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For the genuinely curious, who are open to randomly meeting new or old acquaintances and friends.
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India's first and the only National Network uniting people from 28 States, 7 UTs and 600+ Districts.
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The personal whirring of minds - a forum that symbolises the spirit of blogging.
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Social Pulse
A super-easy and free tool to obtain honest people opinion and feedback online.

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पवन प्रजापति 'पथिक', 30, Male
Chanchal Sachdeva, 20, Female
Sindhu Gupta, Yuva BJP, Delhi
Deepak Singh, Technical Executive , Kisan Irrigation & Infrastructures Ltd
Rohit Kumar, 36, Male
गौरव वत्स, !! संघे शक्ति कलियुगे !!
ऋषभ  द्विवेदी, 26, Male
Manish Tomar, Editor, Paras chanel

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